After purchasing designs I cannot see SVG file only Chrome html or Microsoft edge (on Windows), why?

Every single FoxSister design that lists SVG as an included file format will always include SVG :)

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you are unable to see file extensions?


Unfortunately, Windows hides file extensions and matches every file to a software It thinks can open that file and renames it. The closest match on your computer is Chrome or Microsoft Edge. This does not mean SVG file is not included, those files are SVG.


All you need to do is to bring file extensions back to be able to identify various file formats (please always ask for a professional IT support before making any changes yourself). There are two basic ways to see file extensions:

1.First solution. Very simple, but still possible solution. Here you see a list of designs, but cannot see SVG:

Windows page showing a list of files without Svg file format

All you need to do is to move the right side of the 'Name' section to the right, to see the SVG file. Problem solved!

Windows page where you can see SVG file included


 2. Second solution. Here you can see that the file extensions are simply missing:

file extensions are missing

To bring file extensions back (on Windows) you need to go: View   >   Show   >   File name extensions (You need to add a tick to the box next to the words 'File name extensions'):

how to see file extensions

All of the file extensions are back! Now we can see .svg file extension as well as all the others. 

file extensions are back

I hope you found this page helpful!